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​365 Aerospace now own the intellectual property of Aerospace Design & Engineering Consultants Ltd.(AeroDEC)​


​During AeroDEC's liquidation, 365 Aerospace Ltd. purchased AeroDEC'​s​ entire modification database. Subsequently, our modification catalogue has increased by nearly two thousand modifications, covering a plethora of different subjects on a multitude of Aircraft Types.

Please see below for frequently asked questions:

What does this mean for previous customers of AeroDEC?

Previous customers of AeroDEC who have queries or require deviations to existing AeroDEC engineering should contact 365 Aerospace at: enquiries@365.aero​​.

What happens to AeroDEC Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs)?

We have transferred the ownership of several AeroDEC STCs, details of which can be viewed on our MOD Store page. As a result of the transfer, 365 Aerospace are now responsible for the continued airworthiness of these STCs. If your aircraft has one of these Major modifications installed, please contact 365 Aerospace with any queries you may have.

For previous AeroDEC STCs not transferred to 365 Aerospace, these are now maintained ​by EASA.​​

What happens to AeroDEC Minor modificat​ions?

365 Aerospace now own all AeroDEC minor modifications, however we are unable to make changes to them. If you require changes to a previous modification, 365 Aerospace can use the AeroDEC base data to expedite a working solution. 

Are 365 Aerospace just AeroDEC rebranded?

No. 365 Aerospace have no connection or association with AeroDE​C.